Interstate Environmental Cooperation (2010)

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Description Interstate Environmental Cooperation (2010)

1. Cross-Border Environmental Cooperation of CIS countries.

2. Objective 1.

Citizen Romanov, having a license to shoot wild boar and other necessary permits for hunting, changed the license specified in the hunting and shooting animals in the reserve. Romanov was impeached by Article 258 of the Criminal Code. The court's decision was appealed to them because, according to the offender, he has committed a violation of hunting regulations provided st.8.37 Administrative Code. Rate the legality of the decision of the court.

3. Task 2.

In considering the criminal case by the court of the chief engineer of the plant raised the question of how to classify air pollution is harmful to human health substances above concentration limits: a violation of the rules of environmental protection or violation of safety rules?

Give an explanation on this issue. What are the legal signs, under which air, water and soil will be protected by environmental legislation?

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