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Manager downloads images from the internet will help you to create your own unique collection! Just enter the starting URL and he finds all pictures on the sites (specify additional extensions and you get all the mp3, zip, rar online!) And download (spool, gather, show) to view them in the embedded viewer with many additional functions: report / sambneyl / fulskrin regimes function to increase / decrease, turn to save the converted image; 7 envelopes in the most popular formats (*. bmp, * .jpg, * .gif ...); can be set as a basic image viewer in the system completely replaces the ACDS!

Why climb on the site in search of unknown what, if you can see all the contents at once and choose exactly what you need? Save your time on the Internet!


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  • Internet Image Browser Все просто замечательно, ключ подошел. И не дорого