Intelligence: A Practical Guide.

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This book reveals the methods and techniques of obtaining confidential

information about people and organizations that cause your interest. "Know the true

ing the situation - is to be able to play it safe "- tako-

va basic idea of \u200b\u200bthe author, a professional secret war.

How to collect and analyze the necessary information as to attract people to the

Co-operation as to encourage them to do what you need - and this

many other things pertaining to intelligence work, rasskazyva-

It is in the book.

"Its intelligence" - a valuable benefit for the security services. detective

and security agencies, and in general for anyone who wants to act on the basis of

accurate information and not speculation.

It describes: how the recruitment agency, methods of penetration into the psycho

hiku, accelerated effects on a person, hidden hardware

of surveillance and eavesdropping.

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