Indie Gala Monday Motivation 17 (11 steam, 9 w. cards)

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Steam games:
- Mortifero Motus (+ trading cards);
- My Pet Rock (+ trading cards);
- Alpacapaca Dash (+ trading cards);
- Drunken Fight Simulator;
- Greenwood the Last Ritual (+ trading cards);
- Sticker Craft (+ trading cards);
- The Last Hope: Trump vs Mafia (+ trading cards);
- Jelly Killer (+ trading cards);
- 1979 Invasion Earth (+ trading cards);
- One Man Is Not No Man;
- Panzer Warfare (+ trading cards).

Will not refunded, if some bundle key(-s) was invalidated for reasons beyond my control (for example, CD Keys are deactivated due to DMCA takedown).

Additional information

Please follow these instructions to activate a new key on Steam:
1. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account. (Or create a new Steam account by downloading and installing the Steam application. Please follow the link below to download the application:
2. Click the "Games Menu".
3. Choose "Activate a Product on Steam"...
4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

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