In the Russian legal entity (2010)

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Description In the Russian legal entity (2010)

Objective 1

Meanwhile a Russian legal entity (seller) and the French company (the buyer) signed a contract for the International Sale. Applicable law parties have not chosen. They determined that payment for goods must be made to the letter of credit, opened the French organization of French bank in favor of the seller, according to the Uniform Rules for Documentary Credits (ICC Publication number 500). The due dates buyer opened a letter of credit from his account was charged the amount of the credit, but the fault of the buyer's bank it was never transferred to the seller. The seller sued the buyer to the State Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation for damages for breach of contract.

Determine the applicable law and decide the dispute.

Task 2

A member of the Russian / O "Rospromeksport" Russian citizen L. In 1998, registered in Moscow, married to a citizen of Greece O. Later spouses in family relations came disorder, and in 2000 their marriage was dissolved in France in the Greek Orthodox Church.

The employee was entitled to the registrar's office to register the marriage (in Greece adopted the religious form of marriage - in the Orthodox Church)? What are the requirements for entering into a marriage he was present? Will Russia recognized this divorce?

Objective 3

In 2000, the high seas, the sea Russian merchant ship "Captain Pirogov" faced with the trade court «Crimson», registered in the United Kingdom. Both ships received considerable damage. In addition, the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the territorial sea of \u200b\u200bthe United Kingdom suffered harm as a result of the discharge of oil from the Russian vessel.

Court of the State competent to hear the case? On the basis of the rule of law should be allowed claims of harm to the courts and the Environment (Russia and the United Kingdom participate in the International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage, 1969)?

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