Hosted on indefinitely. Place 300Mb, 5 domains

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Hosting in Europe

You get:

300 MB disk space

10 GB Monthly transfer

5 Add-on domains

5 Sub domains

5 MySQL databases

Vista Panel

Password protected folders

Automatic installer

FTP account

Browser File manager

Web mail

POP email accounts

Park Domains

Php MyAdmin

Clustered servers

VistaPanel: Version 2.4.0 RC1

Operating system: Linux

Version of Apache 2.2.11 (Unix)

PHP version 5.2.9

MySQL version 5.0.81

After payment of the goods will be sent to a reference to the web hosting control panel, username and password from the control panel.

Additional information

CAUTION If after purchase you leave positive feedback, you will receive a gift the opportunity to place another 2 (two) additional domain on your hosting.

Enter login host in the recall.

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