Health and Safety Control

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The task № 1. What is the extent of land degradation in the Russian Federation?

Task № 2. What are the consequences to human exposure to ultraviolet radiation?

Problem № 3. What is the content of the principle of requisite variety?

Task № 4. What is the nature of an organization fighting to eliminate accidents at sites with presence of explosive materials (VM)?

Task № 5. What are the main measures to improve the fire resistance of forests?

The task № 6. What are the common landslide events for all types of landslides?

Task № 7. What is the specific organization fighting to eliminate accidents in the radioactively contaminated area?

The task № 8. What are the main methods of providing micro-climatic conditions in the premises?

Problem № 9. What are the characteristics of the most common method of localization and liquidation of crown fires in the forests?

Task № 10. What are the effects on the human body of electromagnetic radiation?

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