GTA V Whale Shark 3 500 000 GTA $ for Xbox One


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The digital version of the game GTA V Whale Shark 3 500 000 GTA $ for Xbox One (for the application requires the golden status of XBOX LIVE GOLD)

About the product
GTA V Whale Shark is a payment card for gamers playing the game GTA V. It gives you the opportunity to receive 3,500,000 GTA $, which you can spend in the game to buy weapons and equipment, go shopping or visit entertainment.

The game has a shop, which presents a variety of weapons and accessories: sights, lights, silencers and much more. With the help of game currency, you can not only buy a gun or rifle, but also improve them.

Another game store allows you to purchase cars. A gamer can purchase a dream car, and at the same time modify it, give it a unique look - this can also be done with the help of game currency.

The life of characters in GTA V is extremely rich. They can visit the winery, visit the reception at the psychotherapist, make a purchase in a clothing store.

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