GP Master Password v0.9a

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This program is designed to securely store passwords. The more a person is on the network, the more he has to register in various sites, forums, chat rooms and use your permanent password.

Often the same passwords, or derivatives thereof are used in the protection of sensitive user data. Often they are on file with valuable data on encrypted disks, or on key files on the certificates in the key system WebMoney. An attacker much easier to hack the site and get out your password, than to break the encrypted data.

It is necessary to use different passwords. But remember them all is impossible. This program allows you to store your passwords, and in its new concept of storing passwords, already tested by many users.

Passwords are not written to disk, the registry in any way, either in encrypted or hashed, which excludes those hit the attacker. Passwords are generated from the master password, which the user has to remember the name of the service and where it will be used. Implemented strongest open cryptography as a hash function RIPEMD-160.

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