Generator of rising prices - incentives to increase the price of the purchase method.

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You have a website and want to use it to make money?

Do you have a great product, a lot of interested potential customers, but sales as such quite a bit?

You already know that this would offer to the load, so that people still have started to buy your product?

We will help you to break the deadlock.

We have to do two things:

Concept, forcing potential customer immediately and promptly go to the rank of a customer. That is, right there on the spot, pay for your purchase, do not indulge in long and fruitless meditations. This is exactly what you are seeking!

The implementation of this concept in the form of WEB-technology, ready for immediate use.

The technology is applicable to any hosting because it uses only JavaScript.

There is protection from "cunning" yuzera- with our script you do not pay less than they should.


When injected into the shop through a demonstration page of the script ( You will be able to buy it at a discount, rather than the face value.

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Loyalty discount! Loyalty discount!If the total amount of your purchases from the seller T.J.MACINTOSHбольше чем:!
  • 50$, the discount is 25%
  • 40$, the discount is 20%
  • 30$, the discount is 15%
  • 20$, the discount is 10%
  • 10$, the discount is 5%