Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate+DLC Hot Wheels+AutoActivation

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Description Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate+DLC Hot Wheels+AutoActivation

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🔥 INSTANT (24/7) delivery of goods immediately after purchase! 🔥 (ACCOUNT for Windows 10 PC) (Region Free)
⭐AUTO ACTIVATION⭐ You will be able to play Forza Horizon 3 Ultimate PLATINUM with multiplayer and available DLC:
+ DLC 1st major expansion Horizon 3: Hot Wheels
+ DLC 2nd major expansion Horizon 3: Blizzard Mountain
+ Forza Horizon 3 Car Pass Subscription
+ Forza Horizon 3 All Star Motorsport Car Pack for Forza Horizon 3
+ Forza Horizon 3 Porsche Car Pack
+ Forza Horizon 3 Treasure Map
+ Forza Horizon 3 VIP status
+ Forza Horizon 3 Duracell GTA Spano
⭐ Car sets:
- A set of cars "All Star Motorsport" for Forza Horizon 3
- Rockstar Energy Car Kit for Forza Horizon 3
- Alpinestars car pack for Forza Horizon 3
- Duracell car pack for Forza Horizon 3
- The Smoking Tire Car Pack for Forza Horizon 3
- Set of cars "Mountain Dew" for Forza Horizon 3
- A set of cars "Porsche" for Forza Horizon 3

✅ Multiplayer / network works 100% !, the game does NOT crash.
✅ You no longer need to wait for the administrator to respond and provide remote access through TeamViewer to activate the game.
✅ You independently activate the account on your PC according to the instructions. Activation is carried out automatically, the activation itself takes ~ 15 seconds!
✅ The game will have your XBOX Live NICKNAME and a NEW GAME (saves and achievements are tied to it), and if you have already played (for example, through the Xbox Game Pass) you can continue the game, all saves will remain!
✅ TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR USERS - LIFE! This means that we will always help to regain access to the game!
✅ Activation DOES NOT crash when reinstalling Windows and deleting an account with a game from the Microsoft Store!
(You can always restore access to the game (and by saving yourself) using Activator.DN)
✅ You can change any components of your PC including CPU!
🎁 There may be other PAID games on the account (randomly on each account) they go as a bonus for free!

For a positive review, you will receive a gift certificate (cashback) for other purchases, as well as a promotional code for a discount on any of my products!

✅ Activation Preparation Guide:
1) Have Windows 10 x64 (no lower than 1803 version), also works on the pirated version.
2) Enable Windows updates (IMPORTANT if disabled) video instructions on how to enable 👁️https: //
3) Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements of the game.
4) Also make sure that you have no problems installing applications through the Store (Microsoft Store, download any free game in it).
5) The game will be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store after activation (you will download as much as you like, there are no restrictions, it all depends on your Internet)
6) Run the program “Companion of the Xbox console” (it is standard, either download from the Windows Store) and log in using your personal account or create a new one (register here -
7) Make a payment, we get Activator.DN and ID (key) to it!
8) Run Activator.DN, Enter the key (ID), follow the instructions.
9) Upon completion of the activation, we look for the game in the store search and put it on download.
-If you do not understand the instructions, it's okay. After payment, we will set you up properly properly manually through TeamViewer

Additional information

✅General information:
✔ Game languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, German, Polish, Portuguese, French, Japanese.
✔ THIS IS AN ACTIVATION of our account with a subscription TO YOUR PC in MICROSOFT STORE. You pay One activation per 1 PC.
✔ The game is activated by logging into our account only through the activator + key, login / password is not issued
✔ The account is the property of the seller and is not transferred to you in the property. Change password is FORBIDDEN! You get only the right to use your account.
✔ In all Windows Store games, the game runs on the network and all the network functions of the game, as well as saving and achieving Xbox Live on your personal profile (which you create yourself, you will start the game from the very beginning)
✔ Also, the game itself will be updated in real time to the latest version (+ DLC) without loss of activation (free, without our participation)
✔ We do not activate on Xbox One, only on PC (Windows 10)
✔ Upon purchase, you automatically agree to the description and terms.

Feedbacks of Voronpb

  • Все отлично! Заработало не сразу, возникли трудности с активацией и со скачиванием DLC, но поддержка быстро помогла решить обе проблемы.
  • Все отлично, были проблемы с загрузкой, но продавец быстро решил <3
  • Всё получилось с 1 раза
  • Всё отлично активировалось
  • Excellent communication.
  • товар просто топ,пришло все сразу, советую
  • All is OK. But remember that only Win10 pro will work
  • Good
  • nice seller
  • Все работает!