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Task №1

The company's management intends to increase sales revenue by 10%. Calculate the key indicators characterizing the stock of financial strength and to analyze the impact of the change forces operating leverage and a stock of financial strength.

Task №2


1. Calculate the working capital.

2. Calculate the financial and operational needs.

3. Identify potential surplus / deficit of funds.

4. Calculate the real surplus / deficit of funds.

5. If there is a deficiency identified, calculate the amount of the required short-term credit.

Task №3

It requires an analysis of the sensitivity of company profits by 10 percent to change the basic elements of operating leverage: Price changed to 10%. How does the profit? How many units can be reduced without loss of sales volume of profits?

Assess the impact of a 10 percent change in variable costs on profits.

Assess the impact of a 10 percent change in fixed costs on profits.

Assess the impact of a 10 per cent increase in sales.

Task №4


Since the output of the firm will pay for the equipment? What is the volume of production will bring the company under these conditions 15 million. profits?

Variable costs (7 + 26) = 33

The threshold quantity = fixed costs / price for units. Product - variable costs

Setting №5

The residual value of enterprise bln. Dollars .:

Projected average annual net cash flow of 540 million. Dollars. The average cost of the kit is 12%. It is necessary to determine:

1. The economic value of the enterprise.

2. Which option is favorable: the liquidation of the enterprise or its reorganization?

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Subject: Debt securities, factors affecting their profitability

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