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When purchasing this product, you will receive a Far Cry 5 Season Pass license key for activation in UPLAY.

🔑 You will receive the key on your screen immediately after the payment. It can also be viewed at https://www.oplata.info
🌍 Region: RU/CIS
💬 Languages: Russian
💾 Platform: Uplay

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The fifth part of the famous Far Cry game series will send players to the United States. In Hope County, Montana, the cult of the Gate of Eden was formed. Joseph Sid and his supporters herald the end of the world and seek to seize power in the district. Resist the cult, kindle a fire of resistance.
This time the action of the famous Far Cry series takes place in America. Welcome to Montana - Hope County - lands of free and courageous, captured by the Gate of Eden fanatics. Rebuff Joseph Sid and his supporters. Kindle fire resistance.
In this huge open world, your abilities and creativity will be tested by the most merciless enemy in the entire history of Far Cry games. Become a ray of hope for local residents of the district, play alone or with friends, create a unique character and use the most diverse technique. Get ready to plunge into the wild and strange world of Montana.

✔ Supplement Hours of Darkness - Go to the days of the Vietnam War, fight Viet Cong, save your squad and return home.
✔ Addition Dead Living Zombies - Fight the hordes of zombies in seven different scenarios, invented by the director of films of category B - Guy Marvel.
✔ Supplement Lost on Mars - go to Mars and save the world from the invasion of alien arachnids.
✔ Far ​​Cry 3 Classic Edition - an improved version of the legendary third game of the Far Cry series

Additional information

✔ Register online at Uplay (site http://uplay.ubi.com/): http://static3.cdn.ubi.com/orbit/launcher_installer/UplayInstaller.exe
✔ Run the Uplay.
✔ Go to an existing account or register a new one.
✔ On the top horizontal menu, select "PLAY" and press "Activate Product".
✔ In the window "Product Activation", enter the activation key games in the input field. Check your spelling, and click "OK".
✔ The system Uplay will show you what kind of game you are going to activate. If you agree, then press "Activate."
✔ The game was activated and added to your library account Uplay (Yupley).
✔ To download and install the game itself - click on the image of the game in your games list and select "Download game".

💥 Every buyer who purchases this product and leaves positive feedback will a random Steam bonus game.
The key will need to be activated in Steam. To get a gift you must:
✔ Buy our game
✔ Leave positive score and feedback with the comment «I want a gift»
✔ Contact us by email (email is indicated in contacts) or via chat.
✔ Gifts are sent within 2-3 working days after writing a review.
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