Expand the content of the concept (2008)

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Description Expand the content of the concept (2008)

Task number 1

Expand the concept of "subject of administrative law."

Task number 2.

How do the concepts of "management method" and the "method of legal regulation"?

Task number 3.

AN 17-year-old and 18-year-old P. were in a movie theater in a state of intoxication. During the session, they were noisy, expressed swearing to the audience, makes his comments, for which the chief of public security police of the district police department has appointed an administrative penalty in the form of administrative arrest for a period of 10 days each.

Analyze the situation, decide the question of the responsibility of the perpetrators and the jurisdiction of this category of cases.

Task number 4

Officials of the public authorities have the right to draw up reports on the following administrative offenses:

A) violation of terms of submission of tax declarations;

B) violation of the customs control zone;

B) the failure of the judge or bailiff;

D) violation of immigration rules.

Setting the number 5.

Be the scheme the main features of executive authority.

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