Expand the concept of the work, what (2009)

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Description Expand the concept of the work, what (2009)

Task 1

Expand the concept works, what works out of copyright?

Task 2

How is the inheritance by law. Inheritance in order

hereditary transmission.

Activity 3

Starodumov made a will on all of his property in favor of Grevtsova. After two months of making a will Starodumov fell and seriously injured his hands and feet, because of what was hospitalized. During his stay in the hospital Starodumova Grevtsov never visited him. Offended by other Starodumov made a new will in which the contributions of the house and the car passed to his brother, who lives with him for several years. Library during his lifetime he gave the institution in which he worked for many years.

After the death of Starodumova between his brother and Grevtsova a dispute arose as to who should be transferred Starodumova things that were in the house. Brother Starodumova believed that he, as heir, who lived together with the testator should receive household furnishings and goods in excess of their share of inheritance by will, which encompasses all property Starodumova.

How should the dispute be resolved?

Task 4

Composer with the poet created a few weddings and drinking songs, which were performed in the concert hall. Publisher contact the author of the proposal on the publication of these songs.

Who should be contracted if the publisher intends to publish at the same time notes with text, as well as notes and lyrics separately? How should I do if during the preparation of the contract is one of the authors will die.

Additional information

Remember that any finished work needs work and can not be used as a final product.

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