Encyclopedia of mines and explosives

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From the Author The author of this article wants to try to explain in a popular form - what is the explosion, the explosive characteristics of explosives. Specialists in this field please do not waste time - they will not find for themselves is nothing new here. Also, please do not waste time wishing to glean information about how to prepare explosives and bombs on the device. Recipes here.

The author warns! Never attempt to prepare explosives, explosives and explosive devices in the home. All work and anywhere with these objects and substances is dangerous, requires special equipment, facilities, equipment, and can be performed by people who have undergone special training and received specific skills. In addition, amateur production of explosives, explosives can result in liability under the Criminal Code of Russia (st.st.218,222,223,226).

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Explosives Soviet and Russian mines Mines Mines Sweden France Explosives Mines United States of America Yugoslavia Mines Mines Italy charges zryvchatyh substances. Mina UK Mina Mina Germany other stran

Marking engineering ammunition Classification of land mines Impact kernel

Explosives (IV) ammonium nitrate based explosives RDX Melina TNT Dynamite seams Elast

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