Doorway for the Beggars

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A course for those who would like to make money selling someone else´s goods or services from CPA-networks, through doorways. The course describes methods for searching for goods in demand at the moment, collecting relevant data (key queries and texts) for building doorway pages, obtaining free hosting and domains for hosting these doorways! To the course are attached: the script of the doorway itself, and a software package that will simplify the work on creating doorways and increasing sales.
You will understand how much you can have on using doorways. From $ 5 per day, Up to $ 6000 per month. This product costs much more than the money for which I sell it. You will receive not only the structure of such earnings, but also clear instructions with the names and addresses of sites where you can take a specialized software to create and promote doorways. And most importantly, you will understand the whole idea, without losing many days of reading the intricate techniques, blogs and articles.
Foreword in the book, quotation:

EO what do we mean at all?

Kind time, dear customers of my first year!
Today I would like to start a course from a large series of courses, which I intend to create for you, on the theme of dorvevestreniya, ie on the topic of getting the desired traffic to you (interested customers and customers of goods and services) using doorways!

Where do you get these goods and services ?:

- First, it can be your own goods and services, your offline business!
- Secondly, it can be the goods and services of your acquaintances, employers, customers and customers to promote their goods and services.
- Thirdly, it can be affiliate products and services with so-called CPA aggregators and networks. As an example, in this course, we will just learn how to find and select trend partner products and services from such CPA aggregators and networks, but the further technique of their promotion with doorway services will be relevant for your own offline business, or for goods and services of your potential customers for their promotion.

Additional information

At first:
The original method of searching for the sought-after partner products and services! The original method of searching for free hosting and orphan domains of the second level for placing their doorways!

The original methodology for collecting key queries and text parsing for doorways! Use your own script of the server dynamic doorway, which you can edit and consists of only 3 small files! A software package for collecting key queries, text, its unique, fast indexing of the doorway in the search engines!


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