DIAMOND POWER TREND 2011 is the effective trading system

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To achieve success in trading the Forex is very important to have a clear trading system. The trading system clearly defined conditions and the entry and exit from the position timeframe, other binding conditions. Availability trading system allows to exclude the trade and give emotional trade trader consistency. Trading systems used by most successful and professional traders. Trading system, or a trader can create your own, or use a ready-made, designed spetsilistami, and it will be perhaps even more effectively.

Company traders and analysts is a completely new manual trading system "DIAMOND POWER TREND 2011"! You want to have a constant, not episodic profits from their trading on Forex? Confesses a need clear and effective system of trading? Then our new trading system "DIAMOND POWER TREND 2011" is what you need! This system is a logical extension of our conventional systems ("DIAMOND POWER TREND 2008", "DIAMOND POWER TREND 2009", "DIAMOND POWER TREND 2010"), successfully used by traders worldwide.

The system is a trend medium, allows you to track mostly medium- and long-term trends. Accuracy of signals is high enough and drawdown minimized. With this system a profitable trading becomes very simple and accessible.

Basic parameters "DIAMOND POWER TREND 2011":

-To Platform Metatrader 4.0 (or platforms based on Metatrader 4.0)

-based 5 special trend indicator.

--The System are performed manually by the trader in accordance with the rules of the system when a correlated signal indicators.

-To On timeframes H1 (hourly chart), the main currency pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD).

-have 2 different (at risk) method of tracking signals.

-Time Work on the system: the clock.


The main advantages of "DIAMOND POWER TREND 2011":

-Good Percentage of profitability;

-High Accuracy of the signals;

-Legkost Tracking signals, lack of "congested" schedules;

-Ability To use on multiple currency pairs simultaneously.


After payment you will receive the file containing: 1) a set of 8-year-indicators necessary files and service files (compiled format * .ex4), 2) file the templates (profile) system, 3) e-book with instructions for installing the system and tracking signals

Additional information

<< To Customers. >>

Resale of the goods in whole or in part is prohibited. Upon detection of the fact of immediately reselling We serve the complaint to arbitration. We are the authors and developers of the system, and sell their intellectual property is protected under the copyright and related rights. We value our reputation. If you have questions on products, please write to the email address specified in our contact information, as the seller. If you do not contact us and received comments on some libu question, leave a negative review, you will be a complaint to the Tribunal by the owner of a personal Webmoney attestata.V Unlike free counterparts of this system, available online on probation Girl basis (demo version), the system is fully operational without ogranicheniya.Prodavets not responsible for trading decisions made by you on the FOREX market on the basis of this system.

<< Our new bonus programs. >>

- "BONUS +" If you buy one item and leave positive feedback, please contact us and we will send you a gift excellent trading system Trend Follower (which we are co-authors);

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< \u003cP.S.\u003e >

In order to avoid losses and disappointments as professionals recommend that you use only systems of serious, proven authors and do not be tempted to "beautiful pictures" in the descriptions in the amateurs, and "pirates" With respect, an international team of developers "Condor FX".

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