Development of managerial decisions. Praktich.rabota MEI

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Description Development of managerial decisions. Praktich.rabota MEI

Task 1. Review the decision-making process in which you uchuvstvovat or you performed recently? Value for doing otherwise, you would then have been familiar with the basic models and methods of decision-making?

Task 2. In what appears power and personal influence of the head of the organization in the process of management decision making?

Task 3. Compare the two types of decision: individual and group. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them? Can the disadvantages of one type to be offset by the advantages of another? Why is that?

Task 4. Which project would you prefer? Project A: profit of 100 probability 0.1; profit 150 probability 0.3; profit 200 0.5 probability. Project B: Profit 200 probability of 0.1; profit 300 probability 0.2; profit 400 0.3 probability.

Task 5. Using a method known to you "rings", describe the procedure for solving any problem that arises in the workplace.

Task 6: Develop a full diagram of a process of preparation, adoption and implementation of solutions for an example problem.

Task 7: Develop practical recommendations to the head in making personnel decisions.

Task 8: What determines the quality of administrative decision?

Task 9: Monopoly - large corporations, companies that combine several companies and is achieved through this monopoly position in the market for a certain product or group of products. Make the right decision:

Task 10: Give the comparison of formal and informal communications, what channel and in what cases do you prefer and why?

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