Development and writing of the enterprise standard STP

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Term paper on the topic: "Developing and writing the enterprise standard

(STF) "Regulations on the organizational structure of the enterprise"

Table of contents

1 Introduction 4

2. The main part 6

2.1 General characteristics of the enterprise 6

2.2 Analysis of the mission and goals of the organization LLC "Alex" 10

Appendix A 13

Appendix B 29

Appendix 36

Appendix D 39

Conclusion 40

References 41


In today's economic climate where many businesses have to balance on the verge of profitability and market competition intensifies, the loss of the company mismanagement are particularly painful, and often irreplaceable. Over the past decade, many business leaders have recognized the need to manage the new, do not command methods, and thoughtful approach to the construction and development of control systems. These are germs of competent approach to the management of the enterprise management can be the basis for its further development.

That is, the relevance of this theme is the need to now high-quality enterprise management, the development of an efficient organizational structure.

Today, to enhance the operation of the enterprise should be improved every stage of its development, starting from the mission of the organization and ending its culture.

The relevance of the analysis of the existing management systems in organizations and enterprises is determined by the need to create more effective governance structures that can only be achieved through a comprehensive learning and improving stages of their formation.

The aim is to study the organization of the control system

Ltd. "Alex", based on the theoretical principles of the formation and development of the management structure of the enterprise.

To achieve this goal the following tasks:

• consider theoretical concepts such as its mission, its objectives and strategies, the organizational structure of the enterprise management;

• to give a general description of the activities of "Alex"

• compile and analyze the mission of the organization, its governance structure as an example LLC "Alex";

• Describe the purpose and functions of the individual units;

• Develop a job description of heads of departments.

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