Crisis management. Examination MEI RIU

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Description Crisis management. Examination MEI RIU


1. What is the main goal of management

2. What are the main areas of increase in profit

3. What is the improvement of the balance between different areas of the company under the control of the margin?

4. What are the main features of the classification of innovations

5. What is the carefully shaped, well-managed, self-organizing team, quickly and effectively react to any changes in the market situation, solve all the problems as a whole?

6. Name the article of the Criminal Code, envisaging punishment for concealing the tax base

7. What are the number of offshore companies set up overseas Russian businessmen

8. What are the main tasks of a manager in the field of risk management

9. What is the scope of operative controlling?

10. When in Russia the concept of trade secrets has become a practice?

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