Coursework diagnosis and correction of dyslexia

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Introduction 2
Chapter 1. Theoretical basis of diagnosis and correction of dyslexia 4
1.1.Ponyatie, symptoms and types of dyslexia 4
1.1.1.Klassifikatsiya dyslexia 5
1.1.2.Simptomatika dyslexia 6
1.2.Diagnostika phonemic dyslexia 9
1.3.Korrektsiya phonemic dyslexia 12
1.3.1.Razvitie phonemic education in addressing phonemic dyslexia on the basis of violations of phonemic recognition 12
1.3.2.Razvitie language analysis and synthesis in addressing dyslexia and dysgraphia phonemic on the grounds of violation of linguistic analysis and synthesis 14
1.3.3. Development syllabic analysis and synthesis 14
1.3.4. The development of phonemic analysis and synthesis 16
CHAPTER 2. THE STATE OF EXPERIMENTAL STUDY SKILLS prerequisites and the process of reading at pupils of initial classes of secondary schools 22
2.1. Characteristics and nature of a pilot study 22
2.2. Diagnostics of speech development in the experimental classes 1a and 1b 23
2.3. Analysis of the results of ascertaining experiment 26
2.3.1. Analysis of the results in the survey by the method (KornevA.N.) 26
2.3.2. Analysis of the test results, "studies of intellectual abilities" 28
CHAPTER 3. DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME correctional-developing work at pupils of initial classes of secondary schools 34
3.1. Directions corrective and preventive work 34
3.2. Analysis of the re-diagnosis of primary classes 1a and 1b 39
Conclusion 43
References 45

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