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Ready test. The legal status of refugees and internally displaced personsContent1. Problems of the legal status of refugees and internally displaced persons in the Russian Federation 3Task 2.Oblastnoy court considered a complaint against the district election commission denied registration as candidates in elections to the legislative (representative) bodies of the subjects of the Russian Federation in connection with the violation of the procedure of collecting signatures in their support. The applicants referred to the fact that the Commission is obliged to eliminate defects by checking signatures. Such verification must be provided by calling the commission collecting signatures to make up for deficiencies. It imposes any duty on the Electoral Commission to fill and eliminate shortcomings collectors of signatures? Justify your answer. 12Problem 3. In the judicial authorities in the Sverdlovsk region have been presented for registration of constituent documents of the youth organization "Zmenenysh", one of the founders are other public organizations - "Sutyajnik." The judiciary, examined the documents, refused to register the youth organization on the grounds that it offends the name of morality. Is it legal to enrolled body of justice? Justify your answer. List the reasons for the refusal of state registration of public associations. 13References 15

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