Complex Qigong for treatment of myopia

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This set of exercises is performed in three stages. The first stage - "Relaxation with the reference view of the inside." The principles of exercise of this stage is based on the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine on the relationship and function of internal organs - liver, kidney, heart and others. Exercises contribute to the "liberation" and the improvement of the ocular muscles. The second stage - "movement of the eyeballs at rest." There are exercises to regulate the supply of qi and blood periocular tissues, increasing the functionality of the eye. The third stage - "the movement of qi to save the view." It includes the "content" field Dantian qi, qi and summing up the fingers and laogun points in the centers of the palms by the technique of "open and close" in order to use chi for therapeutic effects on the eyes - the correction of defects, removal of the eye "pathogenic information "improve the circulation of qi and blood in the periphery of the eye. Thus it is possible to increase the force level, to achieve sustained therapeutic effect.

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