CAUTION Cancel upload pictures, but no harm Saram, inputs and other sponsors

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CAUTION! Cancel upload pictures, but no harm Saram, inputs and other sponsors

Screenshots of the program you can see here: ... will soon address

I think that many have problems with disabling upload pictures during operation

in Active Advertising Systems (ATS). Some have found some solutions, and most chat - just

and they shall afflict viewed sites with graphics, animation, and other things that the user

CAP nikchemu completely, but they do not simply do not need, they also clog traffic and you can not

fine (with decent speed) to visit their favorite sites while Georgia

advertised page. This may have indifferent those who have a dedicated channel, but for simple

dialapschikov this "tube". Yes "vydelenschikam" extra traffic is not needed.

Finally you will be able to get rid of the pesky and completely clogging traffic images.

But you can continue to earn excellent denggi in (SAR).

Now, without much load on the connection you can work simultaneously in 10 CAP that

increases the efficiency of your work, too, is 10 times :)

With this program you will save more than spend. On the Internet alone

it is already possible to save money, not to speak about the rest. You can download both the dates of your

program at the same time earn money.

You probably say that there is Sarah, who themselves show pictures of them and have to choose

the correct answer, and so these pictures will be shown, and pictures of other websites (except for those

that you do not assign display images) - will not be shown!

All raboat exactly in the following systems:









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