By notary engaged in private practice (2008)

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Description By notary engaged in private practice (2008)

1. notary engaged in private practice in the city of N. S. citizen asked to issue her a certificate of inheritance. The notary refused her referring to the fact that he has no right to perform such acts. Rate notary action.

2. Citizen R. decided to do advocacy. For this he turned to the nearest legal advice to take it to work. List the requirements to be met by candidates for the status of the lawyer.

3. Citizen LA appealed to the district court of the city of Buzuluk a statement in which he asked to initiate a criminal investigation into the theft of his car. Chairman of the district court denied the citizen L. in consideration of its merits. Is the chairman of the district court entered.

4. A citizen turned to the prosecutor R. city prosecutor's office with an oral statement in which he said that unknown persons have got into his house and stole a large amount of property for money. District Attorney after hearing a complaint c. R. advised him to no longer deal with such statements as to disclose the theft is not possible because thieves are unknown. It is entered prosecutor when considering the application c. R. Who should initiate a criminal investigation into the theft of the house c. R.?

5. The District Court of Moscow was convicted of hooliganism and sentenced to two years in prison c. Ivanov. The cassation judgment was not appealed. While serving a sentence in a penal colony Ivanov appealed to the district prosecutor with a complaint in which he asked to appeal against the verdict, because In his opinion, it is unlawful because of the wrong application of the criminal law. What should a prosecutor in connection with received complaints convict him? Whether the prosecutor is entitled to appeal against the verdict of the district court in the order of supervision?

6. A police officer Lieutenant Petrov saw a group of teenagers beat a man. In order to help, he drew his gun and fired a warning shot up and demanded to stop beating. One of the teenagers sent a threatening gun toward the policeman. A police officer shot to kill and hit the teenager in the leg. Rate action Lieutenant citing articles of the legislation.

7. Petrov turned in a notary's office with a request to give her a certificate of inheritance of property belonging to her husband Petrov. The application she put the court decision on the recognition of her husband missing. Notary, given that since the latest information husband Petrova has been more than 4 years, decided that in accordance with the law, must be presumed dead Petrov and Petrova gave testimony and inheritance. What are the legal consequences entails recognition of the citizen as missing and there were in this case to be considered P. dead?

8. The arbitral tribunal considered the case of property disputes between spouses Ivanov. Thus the arbitral tribunal in its decision recognized the right to passenger cars "Zhiguli" his wife Ivanova TP The right of the arbitral tribunal to consider whether the property disputes between spouses and any disputes can be dealt with by the arbitral tribunal?

9. A resident of the city of Orenburg Babinski, contact your local department of internal affairs with the statement in which he requested to initiate a criminal case under Art. 213 h. 1 of the Criminal Code in respect of c. Ustinova - neighbor of the house, which of hooliganism beaten son Babinski - Edward born in 1993. In what form can be made an investigation into the beating of Babinski Edward c. Ustinova. Name the bodies of inquiry and what law they are defined.

10. The Department of Police Buzuluk addressed c. Yakovlev with a request to set the ATC staff person who is regularly at night Yakovlev calling on the phone and threatened to kill him. Thus Yakovlev in a written statement agreed to listen to your own phone. Do the right of law enforcement officers listen to the phone when it asks its citizens. Call bodies impl

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