Between Russian organizations and the German company (2010)

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Description Between Russian organizations and the German company (2010)

Objective 1

Between Russian organizations and the German company signed a lease aircraft on which the Russian company is the lessee, and the German company - the lessor. Deliveries are carried out another German company. The time-bound aircraft was delivered, but its quality has caused complaints from the Russian side. Applicable to the lease agreement the parties have chosen Russian law, jurisdiction is not determined. Russian organization sued directly to the German supplier firms to the state Court of Arbitration of the Russian Federation.

Entitled to the State Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation to consider the dispute, and if so, under what conditions? What are the rules of law, he should apply to the substance of the dispute?

Task 2

Citizen D. Spain (13) and a citizen of Russia S. (21) appealed to the Russian registry office for registration of their marriage. A member of the registrar's office refused them on the grounds that she has not reached the age required for marriage under the laws of Russia. Under Spanish law the marriage age for women is 12 years.

Are the actions of employees of the Russian registry office? Assess the situation from the point of view of the Russian doctrine of public policy.

Objective 3

The Russian stock for a long time purchase products from the farm and the Latvian long-term contract for delivery every month pay to his account in the amount of money it cost. In early 1995, the bank account details have changed supplier, as stock has not been notified and paid another shipment of the old details. As a result, the money transferred to the account of one of the Riga firms, which in Russia had its own branch. The Russian joint-stock company has asked the company to ask for the return of unlawfully received sum, but she did not respond to the request and the money is not returned.

Entitled to demand from the Russian JSC Riga firm return the money? Competent whether the Russian Arbitration Court to consider the requirements of the Russian joint-stock company, and if so, in accordance with the law of the state? Consider the problem of a possible execution of the decision of the Russian court in Latvia.

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