Battlefield 1 + Battlefield 3 Premium (ROW / with mail)

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Only 100% working accounts are up for sale.

-------- Platform: PCWIN / REGION FREE / MULTILANGUAGES ---------

On the Origin account:
Battlefield 3 Premium
Battlefield 1

After purchase, you will receive all the data on your account:
1) mail: pass for access to the game client;
2) data from the mail to which the account is attached;
3) the answer to the secret question.

Immediately after the purchase of goods, we strongly recommend that you change all the data on your account and mail for their complete security.
We remind you that account security is the business of the account owner, not the seller.

Additional information

• All operations on change of data makes the buyer.

1) Carefully read the item description and recommendations.
2) Download and install the client ORIGIN
3) Enter the client Origin.
4) Change the password.
5) Set the secret question / answer.
6) Download the game. Play !!!

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