Barlas TV Psychological Practical Training for Dummies

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For ease of operation and the skill of the psychologist and psychotherapist is certainly worth a school - the basic skills that are being developed in the first steps, and then go into "automatic mode". And achieving dramatic results, few people remember that the basis of the practical psychologist profession is "ABC."

This book - it is about these basic skills. Observation, conversation, testing, research, experiments, examples of problems ... - everything that forms the basis of the canonical training. And at the same time it gives you the opportunity to look deeper into myself. Learn carefully and impartially observe and analyze their observations.

It is primarily addressed to those who are trained to practice psychology and it starts to work independently. Many will find it useful and representatives of other "helping" professions. And of course, those readers who simply have an interest in human nature and the methods of its cognition.

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