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Green nasty pigs stole the eggs of birds of Evil. But Determined birds will not leave this crime unpunished and will take revenge on the offenders cruelly and mercilessly. Addictive gameplay based on the laws of physics, many hours playing and hundreds of exciting levels - and you do not just help birds destroy the intricate construction of pigs and train logical thinking and good eye, removing the stress through the destructive forces of Evil birds!

In the first game of the famous series, you will visit in the night city and on the beach, in the prairies of the Wild West and solar woods. But the goal of you all is one - destroy the protective strengthening pigs, made of wood, glass and stone. Run a slingshot accelerating and increasing the birds, birds, bombs and boomerangs, and egg white birds use as bombs. All - in the name of righteous vengeance!

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How to play Angry Birds.

1 Copy the link in your browser and delete blank games / AngryBirdsClassic / AngryBirdsInstaller__3.3.0.exe

2 Download distribution

3 Set the game

Buy 4 key

5 activate the full version using a purchased key

6 Play

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