Английский, вариант 5 (GREAT BRITAIN)

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Вариант 5.
1.Перепишите и переведите текст.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (of the UK) is made up of England. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK covers the British Isles, which is the geographical name of all the islands situated off the northwest coast of the European Continent. They consist of Great Britain, Ireland and of about five thousand small islands. The North Sea, the Strait of Dover and the English Channel separate Great Britain from the continent. It is washed on the west coast by the Atlantic Ocean and by the Irish Sea. The mountains in Great Britain are not very high; the highest mountain is Ben Nevis in Scotland. The main rivers in Britain are the Thames, the Mersey, the Severn and others, but none of them are very long. The climate of Great Britain is mild. The Atlantic Ocean and the warm waters of the Gulf Stream influence the weather on the British Isles. The summers are cool and rainy; the winters are not very cold. Great Britain is a highly developed industrial country. One of the leading industries in Great Britain is the textile industry. Coal, iron and steel as well as various machines are also produced there. Shipbuilding and motor industry are highly developed too. There are many big industrial cities in Britain, such as Birmingham and Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool, Cardiff and others. London, the capital city of the UK, is one of the biggest commercial centres and ports of the world. It is also an important political, cultural and educational centre. Other educational centres in Great Britain are Oxford and Cambridge with the world famous oldest Universities, and also Edinburgh and Sheffield. The total population of Great Britain today is about 59 million people. The official language of the country is English; though is Wales people speak Welsh which is different from English, while the Scottish dialect differs little from English.

2.Найдите в тексте ответы на следующие вопросы:
1. Where is the UK situated?
2. What part does it consist of?
3. What influences the climate in Great Britain?
4. What are the most highly developed industries in the country?
5. What are the most famous universities?
6. What languages are spoken in different parts of the country?

3.Определите время сказуемого в следующих предложениях, предложения запишите и переведите:
1. The students were writing a test when the bell rang.
2. Mr. White has never called me before.
3. He bought a car two years ago.

4.Выпишите из текста предложения со сказуемым в страдательном залоге (Passive Voice). Определите время сказуемого, предложение переведите.
5.В каком предложении текста употреблено причастие прошедшего времени (Participle ll) в функции определения. Предложения выпишите и переведите.

6.Переведите предложение на русский язык. Укажите оборот Complex Object или Complex Subject. I want you to help me

7.Определите часть речи следующих слов по их суффиксам и префиксам. Слова переведите.
Daily, rainy, industrial, chemist, vision

8.Выберете правильный модальный глагол или его эквивалент:
1 You … be more polite
a)must b)should
c)could d)may
2 I’m sorry, but you will … to wait.
a)should b)must
c)have to d)can
3 … I ask who is calling
a)can b)may c)could

9.Допишите недостающие реплики в следующей деловой беседе:
Borisov got in touch with Mr. Parks and visited his office. During their talk they discussed some technical matters.
Borisov: Good morning, Mr. Parks
Parks: …
Borisov: Yes, it has been raining since early morning.
Parks: …
Borisov: Our guarantee period…
Parks: We expected it to be longer.
Borisov: …
Parks: Very well, Mr. Borisov.

10.Выпишете из текста три прилагательных или наречия, образуйте от них степени сравнения

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