Analysis of the financial statements, the control, the MEI

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Task № 1. How much and what forms of financial statements are determined by the order of Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation of 13.01.2000 №4n?

Task № 2. Who are the major users of financial statements?

Task № 3. What is the assets of the company, you know what types of assets?

Task № 4. What is the difference between horizontal and vertical analysis of financial statements, such as balance?

Task № 5. What is the cost of her views?

Task № 6. What is an (accounting) cost-effectiveness? In what form financial statements is it calculated?

Task № 7. What do you know the liquidity ratios of the organization?

Task № 8. What is the net assets of the organization, how are they calculated?

Task № 9. What is the consolidated financial statements?

Task № 10. What is segmented reporting?

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