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I present you the author PBX based on a penetration \\ repulsed by the daily range \\ range trading session. It allows you to create a strategy, and his idea will never become obsolete. Is a stable and versatile due to the following advantages:

- Trade pending orders

- Is based on a completely understandable and natural properties of the Forex market (or subsequent trading session held a range of breaks or return to it - it is visible to the naked eye, you can be traced on the chart)

- Set the advisor is not fit

- Select the time range for the determination of support / resistance

- The timing of the operation

- The work of one and two orders on each side

- Automatic transfer of the second order to breakeven when the first closing

- Determination of stops and profits as a percentage of the range or in paragraphs

- The ability to work on a range of sample and rebound from its borders

- Entry for single or double-penetration

As an example, embedded test strategy for the pair EURUSD breaks the Asian session range. Profit 80% in m-p at 35% loss. You agree that this is an excellent result. Settings in the test standard, more or less suitable for most currencies and trading sessions. Of course, I (at your desire) will give you the setup for other currency pairs and trading sessions.

I repeat: the author's adviser, was written just for me (of course, you can find similar, but their value in most cases above and still have to look for - and this something you've already found :)) and my idea. Advantages: I GUARANTEE will help you set it up initially and to provide customer support on an ongoing basis, including I will give the updated settings.

If you have any questions - write and ask - be sure to answer and help!

Report from the 06.30.2010 on 08.30.2010 can be downloaded at

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