After the death of the parents of eight Sasha (2008)

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Description After the death of the parents of eight Sasha (2008)

Objective 1

After the death of the parents of eight Zyryanov took Sasha to his uncle. The apartment, in which Alexander lived with his parents, he leased for a year. On the proposal of the guardianship authorities to issue an adoption or guardianship uncle refused, explaining that he was financially hard to keep the boy. Five months later, Sasha was arranged in a boarding school for orphans. Sasha guardian appointed teacher of a boarding school, which is in the interests of the ward asked the court to terminate the lease and evict the apartment citizens living there. The court granted her request, and Sasha guardian moved into an apartment.

A year later, in Yekaterinburg for the adoption of a child came the couple Clintons US citizens. Visiting the boarding school they like Sasha, and they filed an application for adoption to the director of the boarding school and the Department of Education. Boy against adoption objected and said that he would love to visit America.

Guardian Sasha gave written consent to the adoption only if fixing her right to occupy the premises in which it was registered by the resolution of the guardianship authority. Uncle Sasha, considering their property interests and violated his nephew, asked him to transfer the apartment in trust to Sasha when he becomes an adult, he could return to Russia, where he has a home of your own.

Task 2

Grigoriev left his wife and two children, Vasilyev and refused to pay child support for their maintenance. He said that the older child does not recognize his own, since three years ago found out that the child was not his, though recorded in a registry office in his name. In addition, the defendant said that now is married with Petrova and has two children, which contains. Vasiliev asked the court to recognize the marriage invalid Grigorieva Petrov as her marriage with the respondent has not yet terminated, and thus free him from the obligation to maintain the children born in the void marriage. She demanded the recovery of maintenance for the maintenance of their children without reducing the share due to them.

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