Adaptation of children to the preschool

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Introduction 4
Chapter 1. Psychological features of adaptation in young children to DOW 7
1.1. The concept of adaptation and its forms in domestic and foreign psychological schools 7
1.2. General patterns of adaptation of children to pre-school educational institutions 15
Conclusions for Chapter 1 33
Chapter 2. Empirical research of the level of adaptation to preschool age in young children 35
2.1. Description of the empirical research program 35
2.2. The ascertaining results of the study of the level of adaptation 39
2.3.Forming experiment 48
2.5. Controlled results of the study 55
Conclusions on chapter 2 62
Conclusion 64
References 67
Annex 67

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With the diploma there is a presentation and a report. Uniqueness is 72% natural, not coded. 1 chapter is re-arranged and styled. 2 and 3 chapters are completely unique. The methods, the course and the results of the studies are described in detail

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