A gift to the one who is born to fly

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Description A gift to the one who is born to fly

Title: Gift to someone who is born to fly

Author: Richard Bach

Pages: 256

Format: doc

Size: 290 Kb

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From the Publisher

We are getting closer and closer. We saw the top - transparent sheen of ice under the pearly silver gold flowing sun in the vast sky-blue.

We have seen the slopes - rocks, forests and meadows, thunderstorms and heavy rain, the rainbow and the winds, we heard the murmur of the river and birds singing.

Now is the time to look into the depths, to see the heart, the very basis shot up to unimaginable heights of the majestic peak. Perhaps there is no scope and sophistication filigree lines peculiar top, there is a variety of colors and sounds, we encountered on our slopes. However, it is in the depths of finding diamonds.

These stories and essays by Richard Bach - a scattering of precious and simple understanding of the most basic of love behind the majestic pyramids of the writer's work, which leaves the top of their abode in the highest knowledge of the truth - the essence and core of existence of the Universe.

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