A farewell to Arms

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Description A farewell to Arms

Author: Ernest Hemingway

Title: A Farewell to Arms

Genre: Classical

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Additional information

After graduation in 1917, Hemingway wanted to join the army to participate in the First World War, but because of the eye injury was not intended to and, instead, in 1917-1918. She worked as a correspondent in Kansas newspaper «Star». Six months later, he went as a volunteer in fighting Europe and becomes the driver of the American Red Cross unit in the Italian-Austrian front, which in July 1918 was seriously injured in the leg, in spite of which managed to bring a wounded Italian soldier to safety. For military valor H. twice awarded the Order of Italian. While undergoing treatment in the hospital, X falls in love with an American nurse; In ten years, this love story, as well as military experience formed the basis for his novel "A Farewell to Arms» («A Farewell to Arms», 1929). The novel "A Farewell to Arms" - a love story at the level of individual destinies, but also a story about the search for meaning and confidence in the world.

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