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Completed work according to Frolov´s training manual for correspondence students
methodological instructions and control tasks
edition 1982
RC 4, Topic 4. Options 7.14
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Construction of three images from two data, making cuts and sections, performing axonometry (axonometric projection with a cutout).

The work was done according to the instructions from the manual. File format TIFF black and white, resolution 200dpi - can be opened in Windows XP and printed without special programs.

Before buying, check the drawing against your assignment.

Additionally - at the top of the drawings are my contact details, which should be erased before printing if you are going to hand over this drawing "as is". Any bitmap editor from Windows or Office is suitable for this operation.

If errors are found, I will give away for free another version of the engineering graphics from the same manual (Frolov Bubennikov Levitsky Ovchinnikova).

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