1IE .General organizations (Buisness)

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1IE .General organizations (Buisness)

Business organizations 1IE.Katalog script (Buisness), designed to create online catalog companies (enterprises). The script is created in the most convenient option, user-friendly design of the admin panel makes it easy to share the rights and responsibilities for: advertising manager and news editor. This script contains all the necessary services. Such as: online survey system, Newsline, Banner system (for the sale of banners on the site), the forums. Script features allow you to split legal entity from an individual in terms of placing the information in the catalog companies. Precheck possible to add to the catalog of the company administrator. There is a system of anti-mate, to block all the words you did not appropriate permissions. An administrator can set a limit on the per-second addition of firms. All sections fully editable from the admin panel, you can visually change the text of the static pages on the site.


PHP 4.0


GD 1.0, 2.0

Additional information


Installing business script in 5 minutes

Template design

Quick and easy change of design

Editing fully all the settings of the site admin panel

Edit the contents of all sections

Create an unlimited number of categories

Survey Online

Online Forum

Site Statistics

Section of registered users

Management of news online

Free version upgrades for a year

Free installation

Free Help Desk

+ Everything that is included in the description of the system

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